Indian Ocean Drive – “The Perfect Pinnacles” route

Indian Ocean Drive – Pinnacles Self Drive Itinerary

Route 60, Indian Ocean Drive

Experience the Moore River region, Turquoise Coast and unwrap one of Western Australia’s most famous natural icons, the Pinnacles.

A self drive itinerary from Perth to the internationally famous Pinnacles has never been so easy.

  • Provides a safer and shorter route travelling north of Western Australia
  • Freedom, flexibility and get the real feel for our region in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle.
  • Multiple parking bays and overtaking lane opportunities
  • Scenic Indian Ocean coastal route with viewing point at Wedge Island
  • Uninterrupted sealed coastal route direct from the city of Perth, Western Australia
  • The “Perfect Pinnacles” route
  • 30 minutes off your journey between Lancelin and Cervantes
  • Increased activities and accommodation options
  • Hot spot for enthusiasts that love adventurous outdoor activities
  • An enjoyable drive that gives you the option to lengthen or shorten your stay

Choose a Turquoise Coast 1 or 2 day self drive itineraries.

You now have the option to choose our Route 1, Brand Highway as your alternative route back to Perth, so you can appreciate the diversity that Western Australia has to offer.

Self drive to the Pinnacles in Cervantes, just north of Moore River Holidays is located on one road that takes you directly from the city of Perth, Western Australia to the Pinnacles on the Wanneroo Rd / Indian Ocean Drive. The Pinnacles is 149km north of Moore River Holidays

The direct route just 250km, to the Pinnacles from Perth begins as Wanneroo Rd and then the road changes its name to become the Indian Ocean Drive. It is all known as Route 60.

Your GPS or Google maps may not have relevant updates to support this new Indian Ocean Road extension to the Pinnacles so be sure to print off this Mainroads map to get you there.

Moore River Holidays is perfectly located on the coastal side of Wanneroo Rd-Indian Ocean Drive. We invite visitors, residents and locals to enjoy our Mediterranean climate and get fresh with the alfresco life that Western Australia offers. Enjoy the freedom of being able to self drive the scenic coastal roads of the Indian Ocean Drive all the way to Geraldton

Gingin Coast Tourism Association is creating new self drive travel packages which are a popular way to explore the Moore River regions and Turquoise Coasts of Western Australia.

We will have designed two styles of self drive packages for you shortly.
1 Day Self Drive
2 Day Self Drive

Book with one of our accommodation hosts according to your self drive itinerary and make your travelling a more intimate regional experience, so much more than a scheduled tour can offer.

With only one hour north of Perth, why wait for a long weekend?

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