Shlumpadinka Sleepover Spring Party

Spring is officially Shlumpadinka Sleepover Party time here at Moore River Holidays.
40 acres on the Moore River, just one hour north of Perth, makes an easy getaway for us busy Shlumpadinka housewives, as the rural setting means you don't have to bring out your besties, just invite your besties along. Oprah created the word" Shlumpadinka". Check out our blogs for further details.


Biggest Bloke BBQ Weekends

Biggest Bloke BBQ weekends on the Moore River. Create your own Man v Food events for your weekend getaway. Who will become the Underbelly King of Crackle in the cook off? Who can score the best pork crackle King Title this year, boys?


Hooked on Seafood Festival

Seafood is great at any time of the year. The easiest and best weekends away include a planned menu of meals. Usually the first night of arrival, guests come up with a precooked meal or takeaway. So make your main event a spectacle of a fresh selection of seafoods. Make your weekends away eventful and memorable, so put that extra effort in and create your own, Hooked on a Seafood Festival.


High Tea Thrills & Spills

I absolutely love the simplicity of High Teas as a way of serving food in a spectacular way. Remember as a child the tea cups and saucers and the hours of creating cups of tea for your audience, real people or with dolls. Well, High Tea is just another way to make your week end away at Moore River Holiday, eventful and memorable for your group. Sandwiches, party pies and sweets on a two or three tiered plate. Add the sparkling wine and you quickly have a High Tea with thrills and spills!