Customer Review at Moore River Holidays, Noelene Bell

Hi Rona

Couldn’t find a pen in my bag to write in the Visitors book, when we were on our way out, so decided to email instead!

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing such a lovely experience with us. We enjoyed the tranquil setting, and I had a good few chin wags with the cows and their wee offspring as they ventured up to the house … not terribly sure what they thought of me! 🙂

The girls enjoyed it too, and watched scary dvd’s at night, then proceeded to jump on us in bed when the curtains moved. Daft kids! We spent the whole weekend using the plastic plates, and this morning whilst I was washing up and packing away, discovered the proper crockery / plates. You should’ve seen my hub’s face! *duh*! lol!

Thanks again for a super weekend. Will def be back to harass the cattle with endless chat! 😉

Kind regards

Noelene Bell

Customer Review of Moore River Holidays with Noelene’s permission