7 Great Reasons to enjoy the Northern Valley Locavore Map

The Northern Valley Locavore Produce Map is out now for the Christmas Holiday Season

Enjoy a great Drive into the country side during the holiday season starting just one hour north of Perth.

7 Great Reasons to enjoy the Northern Valley Locavore Produce Map

Good for Environment: Locally grown produce uses less packaging, less transport and less cold storage

More Freshness gives More Taste

Seasonal Fruit and vegetables in season are cheaper and tastier

Variety: Local artisan growers produce smaller batches therefore the variety and quality control increases and they can grow more of those rarely stocked heirloom varieties.

Economic: Local food generates income for your local economy.

Great for tourism: Locavore is a form of Agritourism which is a niche tourism growth industry since people have wanted to know where there food comes from. Agritourism is a great day out, especially for the kids.

CalendarFinal.inddIt’s All About You: You will enjoy the knowing where your food comes from and the many stories behind those farm gates as well as the benefits from eating local, seasonally fresh produce.

Locavore Maps are great for locals and visitors who make an effort to eat food that is grown, raised, or produced locally, usually within 200 km of their starting point.

This Northern Valley Locavore Map was designed and hand drawn by Tameika Preston co-producer of Northern Valley News tamieka@nvnews.com. au

From Rona Chiera of Moore River Holidays

and Committee Member for Moore River Region Inc Tourism Group